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PWMA Partners With Not-For-Profit to Provide Continuing Education for Minority Owned Businesses

Pension & Wealth Management Advisors Partners With Interise to Provide Continuing Education to Minority-Owned Businesses.

WALTHAM, MA, USA, February 7, 2023 / — Pension & Wealth Management Advisors (PWMA) is pleased to announce its partnership with Interise Inc., a not-for-profit organization in Boston, Massachusetts that supports established small businesses that are located in low-income communities or are minority owned.

Darrell Byers, CEO of Interise, said, “Being a former small business owner myself, I personally understand the struggles our alumni go through on a daily basis. From understanding their finances to accessing capital or gaining economic traction with anchor institutions, I have lived and felt the challenges of it all. No matter where I have been in my career, I have always worked to transform lives and that’s exactly what we do at Interise.”

Interise is well known for its StreetWise “MBA” Program which was created in 2004 to help business owners develop the knowledge, management know-how, and the networks needed to grow established small businesses. As their businesses grow, they power inclusive economic development and job creation.

There are now over 10,000 alumni members across the country, and Interise has a robust continuing education program so that they can keep pace with changing markets and opportunities, including programs on strategy, finance, and procurement to name a few.

Now, Interise has partnered with PWMA to provide specialized content for their alumni, including topics on raising capital, mergers & acquisitions, employee benefit programs, wealth management and economic market updates. Alumni as well as current members of Interise’s innovative programs will have the opportunity to attend.

George P. Webb, CEO and Managing Partner of PMWA, said, “We are enthusiastically looking forward to supporting Interise’s mission to create an inclusive economy by supporting
established small businesses nationwide. This partnership reinforces our own belief that financial literacy is an important part of running a business. Part of our culture as a firm is to
help empower others with this foundational knowledge.”

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